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Romanian Department for Emergency Situations
The Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) is an operational structure without legal personality within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the lead structure in the National Emergency Management System (NEMS) and component of the National Defense System, with permanent national coordinating powers for prevention and management of emergencies, providing and coordinating the human, material, financial and other resources necessary to cope with emergencies, including qualified first aid,emergency medical care/aerial rescue services, emergency medical assistance within emergency units, as well as Mountain Rescuers public services. The Department for Emergency Situations has been established in 2014 and is comprised of 3 Directorates - General Directorate for Civil Protection, Directorate General for Medical Emergencies and the Directorate for Decisional Support.

The Department for Emergency Situations coordinates the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, The General Inspectorate of Aviation (with regard to medical missions) and performs the operational coordination of mobile service for emergency medical care, reanimation and extrication (SMURD) and the ambulance services, of Emergency Care Units, mountain and cave rescue services, urban search and rescue, as well as canine search and rescue activities.

The Department has duties in the development, coordination and methodological evaluation of professional training and continuing education activities in the field of emergency medical assistance and qualified first aid, in collaboration with the specialized structures of the Ministry of Health and other institutions or structures with responsibilities In the field, as well as in the field of mountain rescue interventions and in the speleological underground environment, canine search and rescue activities in the field of emergency situations, in collaboration with specialized structures with attributions in the field.



Ministry of Internal Affairs - Department for Emergency


Dr. Raed ARAFAT, state secretary

Contact persons:

Mr. Marius Dogeanu - Head of Directorate General for Civil
Mr. Cătălin Ivan - Acting Head of EU-NATO Policies and Civil
Protection Strateaic Partnershios Unit

Mr. Laurian Dicu from the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations our designated representative.


Piața Revoluției, nr. 1A, sector 1, Bucharest


Mr. Laurian Dicu: