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DPPI SEE Regional Meeting - The DPPI SEE Regional Meeting is a governing and decision-making body that acts in many ways like a forum. It is composed of Heads/Directors Genera of the Civil Protection and Disaster Management Agencies in DPPI SEE member countries whose actions are supported by the authorities and ministries responsible for disaster preparedness, prevention and management issues in these countries.
The Chairmanship of the DPPI SEE Regional Meeting rotates on an annual basis between the DPPI SEE member countries in an alphabetical order. The DPPI SEE Chair-in-Office is responsible for the implementation of the DPPI SEE in all its aspects, for overall co-ordination of the DPPI SEE and for its promotion at both regional and international levels.
Regional meetings take place twice a year. Duties include endorsing the annual work programme, work plan and budget, and approving specific projects and Working Groups.
These meetings provide the political framework and support to DPPI SEE. They serve as a platform for internal consultations and recommendations forwarded to appropriate national authorities to facilitate the decision-making process within the national governments.
DPPI SEE Advisory Board - The DPPI SEE Advisory Board is composed of experts with functional expertise, representing international partners of the DPPI SEE being invited by the DPPI SEE Chair-in-Office. The DPPI SEE Advisory Board advises on proposed and planned projects and activities, and contributes to sustained policy relevance.
DPPI SEE Working Groups  - The DPPI SEE Regional Meeting may establish DPPI SEE WGs as technical bodies to develop and support specific DPPI SEE projects. DPPI SEE WGs are chaired on an informal basis by a country in the SEE region with the participation of national and international experts. DPPI SEE WGs report to the DPPI SEE Regional Meeting and are supported by the DPPI SEE Secretariat.
The Trio Mechanism is comprised of the present DPPI SEE Chair-in-Office and representatives of the previous and incoming DPPI SEE Chair-in-Office. The role of the Trio is to ensure the strategic coordination and planning of the DPPI SEE activities.
DPPI SEE Secretariat - The administrative/supportive structure for DPPI SEE is the DPPI SEE Secretariat with its seat in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The DPPI SEE Secretariat consists of the Head of the DPPI SEE Secretariat and the Administrative/Finance Assistant.
Budget and Financing of the DPPI SEE - The DPPI SEE Budget is composed of annual contributions by DPPI SEE Parties. The DPPI SEE Secretariat prepares, on the basis of the DPPI SEE Annual Work Plan, the Budget to be presented for approval to the DPPI SEE Regional Meeting during its autumn session. The DPPI SEE Secretariat also prepares additional work plans and budgets for projects, which may be implemented with the assistance of the DPPI SEE Partners.