National emergency/ disatser management authority: The Emergency Management Sector, the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration of Montenegro
Main tasks: 
An organizational unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration which provides for functional integration of all existing relevant institutions involved in monitoring process: Ministries of Defence, Economy, Agriculture, Culture, Education, etc., and other administrative authorities, such as the local Self Government bodies, operational units, police, army and the civil sector. 
The Sector for Emergency Management, relying on the experiences of the European protection and rescue heritage, is divided into several departments according to their field of work and responsibilities:

  1. Department for Strategic, Development and Normative Affairs,
  2. Department for Operational Affairs,
  3. Department for Civil Security,
  4. Department for Risk Management,
  5. Department 112 – Centre for Reporting and Notifications,
  6. Department for Prevention and Inspection Supervision, 
  7. Department of Air and Helicopter Units, and
  8. Seven regional organizational units.
Head of Service: Mr. Mirsad MULIC, General Director
Contact information
Address: Ilije Plamenca bb, 81000 Podgorica
Phone: +382 20 481 801
Fax: +382 20 481 833