17.11.2022 to 18.11.2022

25.10.2022 to 27.10.2022

 In close collaboration with the Civil Protection Directorate of Republic of Croatia and the UNDRR office for Europe and Central Asia, DPPI SEE hosted the Round table on DRR financing and the workshop on the same topic. The Round table on DRR financing gathered around high officials from the member states as well as from UNDRR, UNDP, DG ECHO, World Bank, IFRC, Regional Cooperation Council and EuropaRE.  The workshop that followed, provided a platform for member states and international organizations to present global and regional experiences on investing in DRR, including sources of finance, and provided participants with an opportunity to learn about good practices in DRR financing both from within and outside the region. In parallel to these 2 events DPPI SEE held the 44.Regional meeting to discuss Annual Work Plan 2022 achievements and upcoming activities.


Upon the invitation of the Ministry for climate crisis and civil protection of the Hellenic Republic, Head of Secretariat participated at the EFDRR Action oriented dialogue in Athens (21 October 2022). The entire event was organized as a combination of working laboratories and a ministerial round table. During the working laboratories the topics of heat waves as major threats to our resilience was discussed in combination with the increased frequency of forest fires. During the ministerial round table the Head of Secretariat spoke about the achievements of DPPI SEE as a unique platform for collaboration and expressed support to the draft conclusions.

11.10.2022 to 13.10.2022

Sector for Emergency Management of Republic of Serbia hosted the Host Nation Support workshop in Belgrade. The workshop was part of our DMTP program and was used to exchange on various elements that are part of sending and receiving assistance. In the last 10 years there were over 48 activations of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism only in this part of Europe. As the solidarity is strong in the region, over the years all of our member states have learned the importance of Host Nation Support preparedness planning. At the workshop the idea to organize a table top exercise on the topic next year was suggested.

10.10.2022 to 14.10.2022

Upon the invitation of the Protection and Rescue Directorate of Montenegro, Head of Secretariat at DPPI SEE participated at the EU BALANCE field exercise as lead trainer. Together with the Head of Secretariat the exercise was also supported by the Finance/Admin assistant and the two interns from Lund University – Masters program of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, Spilios Iliopoulos and Tjorben Niklas Zenker.  The exercise was used to test Host Nation Support elements during a massive earthquake. International teams present together with the EUCPT and the national response dealt with USAR operations, first medical aid and medical transportation, firefighting operations, protection of cultural heritage and also applied rescue procedures including vulnerable groups. This was the final event of the EU BALANCE project and we are looking forward to the lessons learned event that will follow. Head of Secretariat also gave a statement to the national TV emphasizing the importance of the event and the preparations needed to host such an exercise.

21.08.2022 to 26.08.2022

This event was a contribution of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of Republic of Slovenia to our annual training program. Total number of 16 firefighters from 8 DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to train various fire suppression techniques, to exchange and to learn from each other. The Training Center in Ig, Slovenia offered excellent working conditions to meet the learning objectives. This is one of our traditional trainings that we are having in our program and one of the most appreciated by the participants.

27.06.2022 to 29.06.2022

DPPI SEE member states and DPPI SEE Secretariat were present at the EU Civil Protection Forum in Brussels, Belgium. During the warm up session held on the 27 June special attention was given to the Western Balkans by recognizing the efforts of Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina to become future members of UCPM. By the words of EU commissionaire Janez Lenarcic, the expansion of the UCPM with Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina is his top priority. During the panel session on the 29 June dedicated to success stories on international cooperation DPPI SEE Head of Secretariat had the honor to present the work of the Initiative and the achievements that have been made in the last 2022 years.


As associated partner to the EU funded project LINKS, DPPI SEE member states participated at the workshop in Split, Croatia on the 24 June. The workshop had the following objectives:

  • Exploring some of the products available in the Framework through the LINKS Community Center (LCC) and assess the usefulness of the LINKS products, especially of the online libraries revolving around technologies and guidelines;
  • Fostering a dialogue on the effective uses of social media and crowd sourcing in all phases of disasters between different groups of practitioners;
  • Sharing experiences and lessons learned on the last earthquakes that hit Croatia in 2020 and 2022.
20.06.2022 to 22.06.2022

The training held in Belgrade was a continuation of the basic training on PDNA that was conducted in Sarajevo in February 2020. This time and thanks to the collaboration with the UNDP regional office in Istanbul, the training focused on building future trainers on PDNA in the region of SEE. A three-day training program included presentations as per the PDNA training modules, as well as interactive lectures, case studies, group exercises and practical analysis. The training informed designated civil protection representatives from the DPPI SEE member states about the advantages of applying standardized approach and methodology to conduct post disaster needs assessments and formulate recovery strategy. This year DPPI SEE and UNDP are collaborating on another activity as well and that is the preparation of the recovery capacity assessment for the DPPI member states, aiming to support disaster management and recovery planning process more effectively.

20.06.2022 to 23.06.2022

DPPI SEE supported the participation of its member states at the biggest expo on firefighting and civil protection in Europe – INTERSCHUTZ 2022 in Hannover, Germany.


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